List of television stations in Serbia and Montenegro

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This list of television stations in Serbia and Montenegro comprises those television stations which existed in the former union of Serbia and Montenegro during 2003 and 2006:

National television stations[edit]

Private television stations[edit]

  • BKTV - belongs to BK Group, Serbia (lost license in June 2006 and is no longer on the air, revived in 2017 as a new name of and was closed in 2020)
  • Studio B - city of Belgrade, Serbia
  • Art - Serbia (closed as of 2016)
  • Politika - Serbia (now closed)
  • Hallmark - Serbian version, Serbia (became Universal Channel and then Diva)
  • MTV Adria - Serbian version, Serbia (now closed)
  • Sport Klub - Serbian version, Serbia (rebranded to SK 1)
  • Discovery Channel - Serbian version, Serbia

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